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blandford, dorset
blandford, dorset
The Market
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Blandford Forum has an open-air market every Thursday and Saturday and an indoor market on alternative Thursdays. Both markets commence at approximately 8.00am and are open until about 3.30pm.

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Stalls in the open-air market include plants and shrubs, garden ornaments, hardware, fabric, fruit and vegetables, greetings cards, gifts, footwear, clothing, fresh fish, cheese and dairy products, cakes, etc. The indoor market has numerous stalls ranging from bric-a-brac to books, to crafts, clothing and charity stalls, etc.

The outdoor market is operated by North Dorset District Council (for further details contact Miss Bruce on (01258) 484071 and the indoor market is operated by the Town Council (for further details contact Mr. Parsons on (01258) 860048.

There are also regular Farmers' Markets that place in the Corn Exchange on or around the second Friday of each month as follows:

10 November 2000
15 December 2000

There operate from approximately 9.00am to 1.00pm and goods range from fresh meat and poultry to wine, cheese, pates, fishcakes, etc, etc. These markets are currently operated under the auspices of North District (for further details contact Mr. Adam Hunt on (01258) 484008. More Info: http://www.e-odchudzanie.com.pl/hu/levasan-velemenyek.html

In addition to the above specialist markets have been held including the first ever Water Market in the UK which took place in August 2000 and which covered al and anything to do with water from Watercress to Waterbuts.

If you are interested in hiring the Corn Exchange for specialist markets or any other event or function please contact the Town Council (Mrs. Sandra Massart on (01258) 454500).

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