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blandford, dorset
blandford, dorset
January Focus - ASCARI - Blandford's Supercars
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Community FOCUS - February 2001

Blandford's Supercar Manufacturer

Ascari Cars may not yet be a household name but in the motoring world, and indeed in Blandford in the past 5 years they have created a company and a number of sports cars they can be proud of.

Located at Blandford Heights their team of ten are producing a select number of approximately 25 of its Ecosse models a year at a basic cost of just under £100,000 each.



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Model Type 2-door, 2-seat sports coupe
Transmission 6-speed manual
Engine BMW V8 cylinders, 4928cc
Max. power
Max. torque
Chassis & Bodyshell Advanced Composites
Weight (Kerb - KG) 1250
Top Speed 200mph
Acceleration 0-60mph 4.1 sec.

A Dutch oil businessman, Klaas Zwart, who's adopted home is in Scotland had a desire to create a car for the road that encapsulated the very essence of the racecar that he was running in the British GT series in the early 1990's. In 1998 the company launched its first car at the Motorshow - the Ascari Ecosse. Greeted with much acclaim from public and press alike, the company has received tremendous interest.

The company has since set up Team Ascari, its racing division based in Kent which is now preparing to compete for sportscars title's all over the world - the Le Mans 24 hours, The F.I.A. Sportscar Championships and the A.L.M.S Championship this coming year.

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ASCARI KZ1 - to be launched Autumn 2001
Model Type 2-door, 2-seat sports coupe
Transmission 6-speed manual
Engine BMW V8 cylinders, 4928cc
Max. power
Max. torque
Chassis & Bodyshell Carbon Fibre
Weight (Kerb - KG) 1100 (expected)
Top Speed 200mph+
Acceleration (expected) 0-60mph 3.7 sec.

Ascari's development goes from strength to strength with the launch of its new Supercar, the KZ1 this Autumn. Its carbon fibre construction is unique to a road-going supercar. Hopefully this development will ensure that Blandford will continue to play a major part in the company's future plans!

For more information you can visit Ascari's website by clicking the button below:-


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